Whether you need your windows cleaned, your Frames, conservatory/roof or your pvc brought back to white or if the patio

                                   needs a good clean and the grass needs cutting. We will do our best to help

HOT Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

This we do using modern day filtered HOT water fed pole system  to clean your windows, frames and sills. Due to the nature of the purified water technology it allows us to clean in  the rain! keeping your windows clean all year round. We also offer a Traditional window cleaning service and inside window cleaning.


Have you spent hours and hours balanced on step ladders scraping the algae, mildew, mould, grime or bird poo off your conservatory roof? Are you often disappointed with the end result. Let us take the hastle out of it.

Fascias, Sofits & PVC

The brilliant white colour of most uPVC adds a certain ‘cleanness’ to a home, but this effect can be lost very quickly due to the ravages of the British weather. We can bring the whiteness back

Gutter Clearing

Unclean gutters can lead to external and internal damage. Overflowing gutters can be a problem as they allow water past fascia boards and into the roof area causing lingress inside your house, but they also mean water will flow down the sides of the building which will erode the surface alowing water to penitrare the surface. We use a ladder and an industrial vacum cleaner to clean your gutters as we have found you can't clean them properly from the floor.

Pressure Washing

Everything looks and feels better clean we do this with an industrial pressure washer using just enough power to do the job so as not to cause any unesesery damage.

Garden maintenance

Lawns cut. Hedges trimmed. Whatever your needs just ask

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